Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The most important blocks that keeps you from getting rich. (part 1)

I hear your cry “Oh no! Not one of those unsolicited advice again”.

I do not blame you. I went through that hundreds of times in my life.

But you know the irony, some of those unwanted advices got into us unconsciously that proved beneficial to us sometime later-agreed?

Like you, I read as many books as possible on ‘getting rich’.

Some of the ideas that got embedded in the subconscious mind surfaced involuntarily at the right time and guided me to the riches.

I give below the essence of what I practice which has been endorsed by very many eminent personalities. I am not going to elaborate on these steps, but I request you to just follow it blindly.

  1. Do not say this to yourself ever, “I am not that much qualified to get that (job, material, relationship etc).
  2. Do not ever say this when you look at or hear about very rich people, “He is stinking rich” or “He has not earned it honestly”.
  3. Do not ever say this, “No chance! I will never get that much rich in this life”.
  4. Do not ever say this, ‘How? To the best of my knowledge, I do not think it is possible”.
  5. Do not ever say this, “No! I am too old to get rich. My time is over”.

In the next part of this article, I will elaborate on these points. But I will give you exactly 30 days time to practice this to overcome your years of conditioned mind, so that this becomes your habit.

I am writing this post from one of the beautiful Hawaii Condo, a 2 bed room unit located on the third floor of the Mahana at Kaanapali Resort in Maui.

Of course there are multitudes of choices to rent your vacation homes owned and managed by Gebhart Properties.

For instance you can opt for Hale Nani Loa Maka, their Kolea Villa , a 3 bed room penthouse located at the Waikoloa Beach Resort with luxurious and convenient features, spacious living areas, custom furnishings, private elevator, kitchen and artwork not found in even the finest of hotels. The location commands an uninterrupted view of Anaeho'omalu Bay and Kileaua.

And if you want to have your own private wading pool, rent their Hale Ke Kai, a luxurious 3BR/4BA two-level private home in Kailua-Kona which can accommodate comfortably up to 8 people.

And its location is so close to the ocean that you can frequently feel the spray from the ocean as waves break against the coastline.

But the reason for my choice of Mahana was, that this resort, the only property in Kaanapali that runs parallel to the ocean, is located a mere thirty feet back from the beach!

What a nice place to stay and blog about getting rich!

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