Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Power of NOW.

I accidentally came to know about this book, when I was searching for something else in

To call it a book is an insult to its author Eckhart Tolle. This can be considered aThe life guide to one and all who seek to evolve themselves spiritually.

I confess I read a great many books in spiritual development, but I wish I knew this book about 5 years before. This book alone is sufficient for everyone who wants enlightenment. Take my word readers, this is not an exaggeration but a down to earth fact.

I immediately bought this great book online through one of my credit cards. No second thoughts what so ever.

A conservative person may not agree, but a credit card is a great way to enhance our daily lives. When used responsibly credit cards help consumers purchase goods and services, and to pay for them on an affordable budget and timeline.
Along with enabling the purchase of items, it also allows a person to carry less cash and to order out of catalogs.

Additionally, credit cards allow for any number of contingencies when access to savings or checking accounts is not possible. have listed the best of Chase Visa and Master Cards that would give me multiple advantages, like 0% intro rate, low APR, cash back rewards and other benefits. reminds you that most hotels and rental car companies will not take a reservation without a credit card.

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