Friday, May 26, 2006

Looking for electronic fishing tools?

If you are a mariner, you must be aware of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA).

Now they are offering you mariners, free Raster Navigational Charts (RNCs), which you can download from their web site

What is Raster Navigational Chart?
A raster chart is a digitally scanned image of a paper nautical chart used by mariners for navigation.

Why should you use it?

As per Charles Challstrom, acting assistant administrator for NOAA’s oceans and coasts, raster navigational charts are not only safe and efficient, they contribute to environmentally sound marine transportation.

This free offer by NOAA provides easy access to mariners to make navigation safer in U.S. waters.

NOAA web site will publish weekly updates for Mariners containing official raster charts and with notice to Mariners about changes in local navigational information.

Mariners can find a fully updated raster chart for each chart in NOAA’s suite.

A cumulative file of updates with Notice to Mariner information for each chart edition will be posted on the Web site.

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