Friday, April 07, 2006

Human Limitations-a Virus.

In my first post dt 5th March, I said that the purpose of this blog is to share whatever affected me positively when I read some wonderful books.

In between I got carried away with my quest to earn money and a few posts appeared here.
I realised that I am deviating from my predetermined path which was shown to me by God.

From today onwards I return to my journey of sharing and creating a chain. Let those money related posts of mine remain here as such and serve as a reminder to me.

I read more about 'power of thoughts' by Linda Miller which I reproduce below.

"Everything in the Universe is composed of energy, including you and me.

Even our thoughts are energy. Trhough energy, everything in the Universe is connected.
The Universe creates without effort. Just look around you. Trees, rocks, air, plants etc are created without stress, effort or over-analyzation.

You are part of this Universe and through the power of thoughts, you have the same creative power that manifests everything you see. The only thing that limits your potential is your own belief system.

Everything that occurs in your life is interpreted by you. You add the meaning, you add the emotional response, you add everything. It is your thoughts that literally take the energy data, and transpose it into your reality. What you consider 'real' is nothing more than agreement that you have made with yourself.

his is how your reality has been shaped. This is how we have learned what is possible and impossible. We have learned it from other resources like relatives, parents, friends, books, movies, news papers etc.

But the problem is these other people have their own limiting belief systems which they also consider real.

So human limitations spread like virus."

Now many of us are waking up. We are all being shaken out of our intellectal trance. We are being taught to 'unlearn' those safety dogmas in which we have entrapped ourselves for so long.

Ok, if you feel I should not generalise, please replace 'we' into 'I' in the above sentense.
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Franklin said...

You said: "I realised that I am deviating from my predetermined path which was shown to me by God".

Isn't that everyone's problem?

Only to be corrected by returning to the Divine path.