Sunday, March 05, 2006

The answers to all your questions.

I am sure we all have a few questions about life but don't know where to find answers.

I am in the process of reading some excellent books for which I am forever gratified to God for creating opportunities for me to learn in search of answers to several questions.

First let me give you a few of the questions which haunt us.

*Why the world is like this, full of violence and selfishness?

*Why people behave so cruelly when there are nicer ways to react?

*Why I am not successful like others?

*Why God is not answering my sincere prayers?

*How exactly should I pray?

*What happens after death?

*Is there any meaning in all the rites and ritual?

*How do I have the life I always wanted?

*What is the secret to become rich and prosperous?

*Why there are so many natural calamities? Is God so cruel?

Believe me, I am totally surprised when I got possession of so many books and articles in a short span of time, quenching my thirst for knowledge which I was looking for since 25 years ago.

I am now 50, happily reading all these life changing books, passing it on, sharing with others, there by creating a chain.

I thought, internet is the right media to share my knowledge for those who seek.
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