Monday, March 31, 2008

Do you require tools for meditation?

My first answer to this question is a definite 'NO'.

The purpose of meditation is to focus inward. Why do you a require a tool for that? All you need to do is sit in a quite place, turn off your telephone, inform the members of your house not to disturb you for the next fifteen minutes, sit comfortably and close your eyes.

First watch your breath going in and out. Thoughts will come. Just observe the thoughts but bring your focus back on your breathing. Thoughts will slowly fade away. You are now in a meditative state. Did we use any tool in this process?

But says it provides you the tools and training to access your inner knowing, purpose and raise your calibrated level of consciousness to full enlightenment.

I think these tools might help anyone who finds it difficult to focus inward.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Remote spiritual healing.

Spiritually inclined persons will definitely believe in remote spiritual healing. Spirit is nothing but energy.

Communication between energy and energy transcends all forms.

Of late, I have personally realized that my inner body's vibration can be focussed on the infinite source energy. It is possible and I have achieved small amount of success. It requires inspired practice to see fair amount of success.

So, the claims of Energy Reality about their rapid spiritual healing methods and anyone can be healed irrespective of their location in this earth, can be trusted.

I quote them:
"Most physical and psychological dis-eases or problems can be healed in minutes when approached as energy conditions and divine grace is properly invoked. This can be over the phone or in person and the results are guaranteed".

Want to try them out?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What are your spiritual values.

Since I started reading spiritual development books in 2005, I have started practicing what I read and what appealed to my Being. I mean, if I feel elated and happy while reading something, I will use it as an emotional guidance and whenever my spirit is made to behave in it's pure nature, I treat it as my spiritual values.

These spiritual values of mine have big list but I never made that list on paper mainly because there are so many. Yes, frankly speaking, I needed proper guidance which I have found out today while reading a blog post titled 'Determining your spiritual values' by Debra Moorehead.










Spreading Happiness
























From the above list, if I have to rank them, I will choose the first six words 'Peace, Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Compassion and Faith.

I also noticed that her blog has to be read at great length.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Memorial service in space.

-->Gene Roddenberry

Why we should be afraid of death when we won't be there when death occurs? A thought provoking remark really-isn't it?

I grew up with my grandparents-a generation of very possessive people. In spite of all their wisdom, they spent their life in miserly ways but would want their remains immersed in holy places after their. These were expensive in those days.

This, not at all reasonable wish cannot be understood. Why bother about your remains at all? This passionate attachment to the body even after the death is beyond my comprehension. Obviously, till their death, they didn't realize who they were.

Trying to woo their fancy ideas, a few companies have launched a space memorial service. They will offer to place one gram (yes, just a gram mate) of the deceased person's ash in an aluminum capsule, attach it to a rocket and spend it to space.

For this memorial service in space, they charge $995. The first person who had utilized such a service was none other than the famous Gene Roddenberry, the creator 'Star Trek'. This space service was conducted in 1997. Along with Roddenberry's ashes, the ashes of 23 other persons were scattered in space including that of a 4 year old Japanese boy.

These aluminum capsules are expected to stay in space for several thousand years before falling out like a shooting star.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Guaranteed fresh flowers from Fifty Flowers.

--->Dark Blue Iris

For success minded people, it is advised that they read about people who they consider as successful.

Here is one female that I would like to emulate. It is
Liza Roeser Atwood, founder and chief executive officer of Fifty Flowers. I happened to read an article on her and her company that sells wholesale flowers below the price of wholesale in

Her life story is very inspiring and motivating to me. She started her career in a florist shop and ended up running entire the marketing department for the largest flower grower, exporter, and importer from South America before she founded Fifty Flowers. makes it easy and affordable and sells a whole range of flowers for all occasions including premium bouquets, table arrangements, centerpieces, and wedding flower packages.

I could clearly visualize the challenges of running a successful online flowers shop where earning a good reputation alone pushes forward the company.

Fifty Flowers also send flowers to restaurants, events, hotels, personal flower arrangements, and any occasion that calls for flower arrangements.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do you fear the lack of air?

We breathe and we are aware of it. But do breathe speedily; rather do we breathe more than medically considered normal with the fear of expected lack of air soon?

It will be sheer madness of course-right?

Every resource in this planet that is not produced by human being is available in abundance. There never is a need for fear of the resources getting depleted because there is an increase in population.

We are all afraid of the shortage-the lack, mainly because we don't consider money also as a form of energy like the air we breathe.

I am happy to have found another person in this world who has similar vibrations like me and like so many spiritually inclined persons. His name is Hemal.

'The Law of Attraction'-it works man; it is the basis of this Universe. Look how I was attracted to Hemal! We both are on same vibration frequency and it brought us together.

Look what he says in his blog 'Manifesting and Law of Attraction' about the money energy.
"Money is only a source of energy or currency; it isn't any different than anything else. We could be trading jelly beans for the things that we want instead of money. IF that were the case, the Jelly Belly factory would be the US Treasury."

A nice blog in the spirituality niche.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Meet AVERI TORRES, Malibu's Resident Psychic.

I am pleased to introduce to you AVERI TORRES, Malibu's Resident Psychic.

She has been in the news for over thirty years. Her psychic guidance attracted many Hollywood celebrities, Fortune 500 clients, U.S. Presidents and Congress men.

What can she do for you?
At ordinary conscious levels, we are all totally powerless thereby not able to control our life situations. Averi's psychic guidance empowers her clients to use their own natural psychic ability to gain control of their lives, enabling them to more successfully create love, peace, good health and prosperity.

Only yesterday, I was reading the implications of remaining in ordinary unconsciousness, a sort of mind strategy which makes us suffer from the illusions of problems. I further read that how we can overcome from clasps of this ego monster or from the clutches of our mind.

Now, I come across Averi and her psychic guidance through which she empowers those who seek her guidance.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Warning! Your anger will be picked up vibrationally.

A normally quiet person that I know of was shocked out of her wits yesterday evening when she was attacked by a total stranger.

This happened when we were waiting in the doctor's reception room. My friend was already disappointed to have kept waiting in spite of her punctuality. Yes, she had kept her time but obviously not the doctor. But then, this happens to all of us-right? It is nothing unusual.

No, I found out I was wrong only after the ugly incident when my friend was first abused by the stranger and slowly it developed into a quarrel that was about to end in physical attack when the doctor intervened to stop it all.

After I questioned my friend a bit elaborately I found out that she had accumulated quite a lot of anger since the last two over myriad matters and that culminated while she was asked to wait.

This carried over anger was picked up subliminally buy someone else with matching emotional vibration.

It is somewhat amusing that both the parties involved in the incident were totally unconscious of their accumulated negative emotion.

Had both them lived only in the present moment, the negative emotion would not have found a place at all to survive. But both were consciously re-living their past two days of incidents that cooked up all those pent up anger.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Law of Universe in action.

Hey, I have kept my word and here I am, completing my previous post.

The Universe functions on the basic premise of 'Inclusion'. It means, whatever we are focusing on, is included in our life experience. Whether you like it or not, the thing, circumstance, event on which your giving your attention will be included and come forth as a reality in your life-no exceptions to this law of universe.

This Universe is based on attraction or inclusion, not based on rejection or exclusion. Our attention to anything comes into our experience-this is law.

I am sure there are questions you would like to ask. For example, you might have met with an accident or you have just a big chunk of your money on stock market. You will ask this question, "Do you mean to say I attracted this? No one will in their right mind would pray for this".

See, I am sure you have not wished or prayed for such a tragedy but sometime in the past, but you would have given your attention on such things and held it in your thoughts long enough to manifest at a later stage.

You would have watched a live accident, or you would have read about it news papers, you might have heard of stock market losses-well these things should have been registered on your subconscious mind. It won't analyze anything as good or bad. It will just proceed to bring about whatever is registered on it.

Please read this post again and the previous post on this same title; you will begin to understand the implications of your thoughts.

My gratitude to Eckhart Tolle and Joesph Murphy who have taught me all these their books.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Law of universe in action.

When you say 'Yes' to something you like and want it in your life experience, it is immediately given to you by the universe and waiting for you to receive it. Of course to receive it, you should be eligible for it. Rather, you must allow it in your life and for that you should a matching vibration.

This is all known to all of us.

But when you say 'No' to something you don't want, can you make it not happen in your life? Do you want me to rephrase the question? Ok, here it is.

You saw someone in a predicament in a restaurant because he had lost his wallet and unable to pay his bill. You saw it and you thought how you will behave given the same situation but decided that you don't want it to happen to you.

Can this prevent it happen? Your 'No' to it-can it exclude it from your life?

Read this blog again tomorrow for the answer!mrgreen

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How to tap the power of Chakras.

Human beings have 7 chakras on their body. These chakras are energy points. If these chakras are properly activated, there is really no limit what one can achieve. Unfortunately, these energy points remain dormant waiting for you to activate it.

Well, how to activate it? Actually, where are they located in our body?
Below is the picture that shows these energy points in our body.

Courtesy: Google Images

Reiki is the most popular and easy method to energize these chakras. Sound meditation is also a very effective method.

Color visualizing technique:
My husband is a Reiki. He explained to me once about the different colors of chakra and one way for a chakra meditation is to visualize those colors during chakra meditation.

Here is a real demo of chakra meditation in YouTube. Duration is 9 minutes.

Are you afraid?

A question was asked in a local weekly by someone to the famous spiritual guru Jakki Vasudev.
"How can I control fear?".

The wise guru said, "What is fear? Obviously you refer to something that is yet to arrive. It is your imagination about a future moment hat is not yet experienced by you. So fear is just your imagination".

Isn't that profound! I am a great admirer of Jakki Vasudev. His wisdom is amazing.

Then he continues like this:
"What do you mean by control the fear? Do you mean to straddle on it, push it hard down on the earth? If that is so, the slightest movement from you will disturb the position ans the fear wriggles out and tower over you".

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The best equipment for fire accidents.

Life has several surprises in store for us at every moment. Every other minute teaches us something. Most of the lessons are given to us in disguise. I mean adversities teach us valuable lessons.

I never thought I would come to use this 'Water Jel Blanket Canister' in my life. This extremely useful medical equipment was bought by my husband several months ago from Allegro Medical. I am sorry to say that we had to use this only a few hours ago but we are also happy that we are able to save a life.

This handy blanket is used to cover someone who met a fire accident. We all know that a burn accident is to be handled with care and knowledge. One of the quickest, easiest and most direct methods of administering emergency first aid burn care is with a Water Jel Fire blanket.

Water Jel Fire blanket consists of a scientifically formulated cooling gel and a carrier. The gel is biodegradable, bateriostatic and water soluble. The carrier is 100% worsted wool with an intercellular weaver capable of absorbing up to 13 times its own weight.

All these information and many more emergency medical supplies can be found at

Founded in 1996, and now serving more than 1 million customers, Allegro Medical is one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States.

The law of least effort.

I take back my words. In my previous post, I wrote that I found nothing new in the blog post titled, "7 spiritual laws".

I am sorry I did not spot this Law of least effort earlier. Though the content under this headline is familiar to me, the title is very new and attractive to me. It is suggestive of it's content.

I read long back that too much effort will spoil the intention. I have fully realized it and started practicing the acceptance of the current situation or circumstance which may appear not conducive but the universe thought it differently. What seems to be good for you may not be so from the point of universe. There is a reason for every situation you are forced to face even though you don't like.

Here is an application written by the author of 7 spiritual laws.

  • ‘I will practice acceptance. Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur. I will know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. I will not struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete. I accept things as they are this moment, not as I wish they were.’
  • ‘Today my awareness will remain established in Defenselessness. I will relinquish the need to defend my point of view. I will feel no need to convince or persuade others to accept my point of view. I will remain open to all points of view and not be rigidly attached to any one of them.’
Does this all make sense to you? Does it appeal to your reason?

Law of attraction worked-a proof.

As I have already written, I have so much to write about in this blog on topics of laws of universe, law of attraction, law of cause and effect and the power of gratitude etc.

After I dug a story in Digg, I searched in it for a story in law of cause and effect. I was surprised to find none on it. Can you believe this?

Just as I was about to exit the Digg, I accidentally clicked on something else there and I found myself reading the 7 spiritual laws. I believed that the law of attraction worked in this case. Don't you think so?

I was automatically guided to something whereas I was searching for it's other face. Yes, law of attraction's other face is the law of cause and effect.

Though, I didn't find anything new in the said article, I believe it may change your life for the better. Read it now and pass it on if you feel like it.