Friday, October 21, 2016

How to erase old fears and phobias without going to a psychiatrist?

Can you imagine getting rid of absolutely ANY fear or phobia? 

The universal belief is that these phobias are so deep rooted that people take them to their grave. It is an absolute misbelief.  Phobias can be permanently erased, that too without reaching for a psychiatrist.
Fear of mother-in-law
Fear of mother-in-law

Do you know that scientists have just given the official nod to a brand new NLP-based system that enables you to literally "erase old fears and phobias- in a matter of minutes.
Fear of:
missing the train
 closed space
 public speaking
failure - whatever it is - it can be permanently deleted.

It is possible when you listen to this special "brain language" CD recording.
It's an amazing discovery - and has the awesome potential to change the world.

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No more phobias.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cosmic Ordering-how it works for beginners?

There is an interesting world out there, well not literally but exactly inside all of us. This is a place of unlimited potential, not bounded by beliefs and education. Below is a just a sample of what excatly can we have if only we know how to live in that WORLD.

Have you heard of COSMIC ORDERING? In other words, "manifesting your desires". 

It's a POWERFUL method of placing an "order" with the Universe for ANYTHING you want. Then you just sit back and wait for the Universe to "deliver" it!

Love. Money. Health. Success. Fame. Whatever you want, just ASK - and you shall RECEIVE!

Cosmic Ordering is perhaps one of the most AWE-INSPIRING methods of manifesting change in your life in the QUICKEST way possible.

And no matter how SPECIFIC you are with your goals, you could be seeing them materialize -- in just a FEW DAYS from now.

All you need to do is discover HOW to begin cosmic ordering...

Noel Edmonds - host and creator of the worldwide TV franchise "Deal or No Deal" - claims that Cosmic Ordering is THE single secret behind his new-found fame and fortune. And he's just ONE of the celebrities putting his name behind the power of Cosmic Ordering.

So, would YOU like to learn more?

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Not one single snowflake falls accidentally in the wrong place-why?

“The essence of laws of universe”

Do you know that this blog on laws of universe received the most visitors daily a few years ago even though I had another blog on how to make money online (now defunct) which I believe is the ‘forever hot trend’ in most of the search engines? As I was not frequently updating this blog, it has fallen out of the favor of search engines.

If I start speaking about ‘laws on which this universe functions’, most listeners would throw banal questions but a few would listen as if deeply interested only to end the conversation with a look that would convey utter cynicism.

I don’t get angry or offended; after all, I too was like that long back. People readily believe in scientific explanations or logical conclusions. For them seeing is believing. They don’t realize that they are at the receiving end several times a day due to cosmic intervention which is not seen but only to be felt or realized.

I am very happy to share my little knowledge on a few fundamental laws of universe. I am a firm believer in these laws. Read them and see if they make sense to you. If it is, read it again and forward to those that you think would be benefited.

  • Whatever has happened in your life (in mine too) could not have been better and nothing else could have happened. Even the minutest detail was thoughtfully and carefully planned so that even an obscure detail mattered and contributed. “If only…..” has no place whatsoever.
  • Things happen in our life either to teach us a lesson or just to make us move on.

  • Again, I touch upon the often repeated cliché, “If only had I left early…”, and “If only had I not encountered that person……” Every single situation in our life which we encounter is absolutely tailor-made and precise to the purpose, even though they might look like it is detrimental to us some times. Yes, it will surely defy our understanding. Do not try hard to understand; just accept it and move on.

  • Whomsoever we meet or stumble onto is the right person in our life though we tend to feel the other way at the time of happening. It is the intention of God and it implies that no one comes into our life by chance. Everyone who is around us, anyone with whom we interact carries a specific task which may be either to teach us something or to make us contribute something that would be useful to someone whom we might not have known or met before.
  • There are no such bad moments in our life. A moment is a moment-we only add ‘good’ or ‘bad’ tag to it based on our level of spiritual development.  What I mean to say is that ‘each moment in which something begins is the right moment’ and this applies to all of us irrespective of our social status, education, financial position, and family background.

We meet someone, see or hear something only when are ready; so don’t you think it is exactly the right moment, not a second before and not a moment later?

Don’t we all know this great proverb?
 ” Not one single snowflake falls accidentally in the wrong place!”

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