Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cheapest self development guides.

We all dream, ceaselessly. Our dreams vary depending mostly on what we desire or to say it another way what we lack. We wish to possess certain skills or certain powers so that we can lead a life of other that we admire.

For example, these are the most wished materials/concepts by us:

1.       To possess the luck that others seems to have but not we

2.       To change some of our beliefs so that we go with the world for a better living

3.       To possess extraordinary confidence

4.       To take better control of our mind

5.       To learn to attract opposite gender

6.       To think positively

There are many more that I can add and I am sure you too would like to add based on what you and I lack at present.

Along with our dreams and desires, we also wish someone would teach us to get those skills and virtues. This willingness to learn would attract the right teachers and relevant books and resources  to us naturally.

This is one of the fundamental laws of universe that never fails.

I was led to a bunch of such huge resources; there are 84 of them.  84 short reports on various self improvement matters.

The author of these 84 self development books is Steven Aitchison who has listed some of his books in Amazon. He is a psychology degree holder and currently working in a rehab in Scotland.
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