Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to hear God's message?

The previous Sunday, several of my husband's friends came to our house for a get together. nothing much will happen except very trivial talk. My husband used to initiate a talk on something useful. But I pity him for his vain efforts.

This Sunday was no exception. I overheard him talking to one of his friends about why he should stop immediately pursuing his lost business.

The summary of his vain talk:
One of his friend has been fighting a losing battle in getting his fishing trawler into the ocean. He must have spent close 10 million Rupees. My husband told him to stop his nonsense and look for other avenues to earn.

If something keeps evading, it means it is just not for you. This is God's message that one should catch and heed to. You can't keep on bloating your ego thinking that you are a trier and you won't give up easily.

God has other plans for you. He is indicating that in various ways. You should activate your receptivity by deactivating your ego.

After all, won't God's plan work always!

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1 comment:

Rajagopalan said...

You said it! It is the EGO that is the route cause for many of our struggles. well done!